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We have a recognised experience in Research, Policy and Evaluation as we have been providing services to the European Commission, governmental, non-governmental and private institutions for over 15 years.

Our research interests are primarily the fields of social innovation, social entrepreneurship, migrant integration, sustainable development, and inclusive education. We have an extensive expertise in designing questionnaires, conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups as well as undertaking high quality academic research.  

In addition, we have been entrusted in conducting formative and summative project evaluations. Only in the last decade, we have been the internal or external evaluator for more than 25 European projects funded by the European Union, the Norwegian Fund or the Government of Cyprus.

In 2016-7, the European Commission entrusted SYNTHESIS to develop the Policy recommendations for the development of an ecosystem of social enterprises in Cyprus on behalf of the Government of Cyprus.  

In 2018, SYNTHESIS was selected by the Euricse and EMES Research Network to develop the country report on Cyprus in the study "A Map of  Social Enterprises and their Ecosystem in Europe.”


Stephania Savva

European Parliament
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