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The primary goal of the Unit is to develop projects and initiatives that will raise awareness, promote the importance of Health and Wellbeing and offer tools and access to resources and services for everyone.
Special attention is given to vulnerable groups like the migrants and refugees, elderly, adolescents and young adults, individuals in unstable housing conditions and people with disabilities, who are often at risk of marginalization and social exclusion.
We are working hard to develop a pool of educational material, services and tools that will help healthcare providers, NGOs and other pertinent organizations, utilize their assets and the country’s resources to improve the accessibility to physical and mental health services, and consequently, elevate the quality of life to people nationwide.

We support Health Care professionals and people who work in Education, who are often put under severe stress and health related risks due to their line of work. 
“Our Team is determined to focus on empowering and creating the necessary conditions that will enable all the individuals, to prosper personally, physically and professionally. Our goal is to optimize wellness, now and for the future and create communities that people will feel safe, protected and celebrated so they can thrive. “



Contact: Georgia Karaoli

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