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                 Leading the way? You bet!
  • We are the first organisation which has promoted social entrepreneurship in Cyprus. We started our promotional activities as far as 2008, followed by the first Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in 2010, before the financial crisis had reached Cyprus, and much before "social entrepreneurship" became the buzz word of today. 

  • In early 2000s, we designed and run the pioneering project "Social Skills and Healthier Self Esteem" (SHE). SHE was the first European project to incorporate self-esteem within an educational context. SHE introduced "social circles"as a learning environment and placed emphasis on human qualities for facilitators and trainers, rather than mere academic qualifications.

  • SYNTHESIS was perhaps the first enterprise to have an office in the United Nations area of Nicosia, reaching both Cypriot communities across the dividing line.

  • We are the creators of "Hub Nicosia," one of the first       co-working spaces on the island.

  • We are marking the territory of the business of the future where more and more enterprises will be formed that will combine social aims and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

  • Today, we continue to be the main driving force of efforts to develop the ecosystem of social  enterprises in the country.

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